Our instructors from JJ Dance Movement, one of the most established dance schools in Singapore to learn Salsa and Bachata, have been part of the SMU Caderas Latinas family since 2010. 

From teaching us basics to coaching us for performances, our resident choreographers, KC and Grace, and choreographers, Ronnie and Ee Lian have nurtured countless batches of our dancers (most of whom have continued dancing way past graduation).

Aside from coaching and choreographing for SMU Caderas Latinas, all our instructors are heavily involved in their own performance teams under JJ Dance Movement.

Fun fact – A handful of SMU Caderas Latinas Alumni members have gone on to teach/dance alongside our trainers at JJ Dance Movement.

KC, Grace, Ronnie and Ee Lian dancing the iconic piece, Thunder, with the rest of JJ Main Team