They say that a family that has fun together stays together. Aside from dancing in the studio, our members gather from time to time to partake in activities and parties designed to help foster friendships on and off the dance floor. Here are a few non-dance related highlights that you can look forward to if you join the #SexilySickFam!


Every new member of SMU Caderas Latinas can always recall their first camp where they were welcomed into our extensive family. The Caderas Conversion Camp (CCC – you’ll soon realise that we love our acronyms) is a fun filled camp that usually takes place sometime in October. The camp is intended to help new members get to know their batchmates and for the rest of the club to know them. A jam-packed 2 days filled with Salsa-infused games, a workshop by the Alumni Team and our much-loved Finale night, is sure to leave everyone feeling warm and fuzzy inside.


It’s the season to be jolly and what better way than to spend it with the #SexilySickFam? Our members gather at an undisclosed location annually, where they play hilarious party games (pssshh rumor has it that we have sometimes have sponsored prizes to be won), exchange gifts and catch up with each other. Additionally, if you’re a foodie, you can look forward to treating yourself to a wide array of festive goodies, homemade dishes and delicious baked goods contributed by our members!


After months of preparation and rehearsing for our annual production, Bailamos, the #SexilySickFam always looks forward to gathering to celebrate our successful event. At another undisclosed location, the #SexilySickFam often takes this opportunity to kick back, enjoy each other’s company (and the fruits of our culinarily blessed members) while reminiscing the performance filled memories shared by all.