India International Dance Congress (IIDC) is Asia’s largest salsa event – with competitors from all across the continent. SMU Caderas Latinas is proud to have flown the Singaporean flag high twice, amongst nations ranging from South Korea to Mongolia.

During our debut in 2017, our SMU Caderas Latinas Senior Team attained 1st Runner Up in the Open Teams Category, while our SMU Caderas Latinas Junior Team attained 3rd Runner Up.

Returning in 2019, the SMU Caderas Latinas Senior Team resolutely clinched the Championship in Open Teams, while the SMU Caderas Latinas Junior Team maintained our position as 3rd Runner Up. Additionally, our ITSC Champions of 2018 took on the challenge of competing in the Salsa Semi-Pro Couple category, and secured Silver.


The Inter- Tertiary Salsa Competition (ITSC) showcases the best of Singapore’s Tertiary Salsa scene. Since ITSC’s inception in 2010, Caderas has been consistently placing in the top three, and sweeping the podium for most years – a standard that all incoming members aspire to uphold.

Members who enter take on the challenge of competing as a single couple, elevating their experience and intensity of performance. With the mentorship and choreographing of their seniors, each generation passes the baton of inspiration on to their successors.