SAY LESS | The Talk Show

This is Say Less! SMU Caderas Latinas’ very own talk show where we will be talking about all the fun and excitement that happens in SMU’s Premier Salsa Club! Get to know the personalities of the 18th batch as they discuss the challenges, surprises, and satisfaction that comes with joining Caderas.

episode 1

EP1 – Why Everyone Should Try Salsa in Uni

What is Caderas? What is Salsa? We’ll answer all your questions in this episode as we dive into what made us join, the reservations we had, and a typical week with uni and training.

episode 2

EP2 – Who does more work in Partnerwork

Introducing you to the world of partnerwork and social dancing. Join us as we discuss common misconceptions, dancing with the opposite gender and of course, the most annoying traits about our partners.

epsiode 3

EP3 – Why we joined Salsa (A Guy’s POV)

Follow the guys of the 18th batch as they bring us through their discovery of Caderas, answering common misconceptions, their family’s reactions and how they overcame challenges in Salsa.